Temperatures are set to reach 30C every day next week as a heatwave hits Norfolk.

According to a forecaster at Norwich-based Weatherquest, the warm spell is likely to start from this weekend - with Sunday, July 10, expected to be "noticeably hotter".

And the hot weather is expected to stick around for the entire week.

Forecaster Chris Bell said: "There will be hot temperatures across the region throughout the week with temperatures to hit 30C and above.

"South Norfolk is expected to be the warmest area."

Mr Bell added that warm weather is classified as a heatwave after three days of temperatures reaching above 27C - which would mean the county will welcome one next week.

It remains to be seen if temperatures will exceed the hottest day of the year in Norfolk on June 17 which saw highs of 32C in some areas.

Nationally, much of the country has seen a drab start to July, with temperatures a degree and a half below average for the month.