Watch weather forecaster leap into 30cm pile of snow - in his boxers

Weatherman Chris Bell leaping headfirst into 30cm of snow

Weatherman Chris Bell leaping headfirst into 30cm of snow - Credit: Chris Bell

As the famous Michael Fish will attest to, weather forecasters do not always get their predictions exactly right.

However, few will have paid the same price for missing the mark than Weatherquest's Chris Bell.

After slightly under-estimating just how much snow the region would see during the current cold snap, Mr Bell made good on a light-hearted promise - by diving headfirst into 30cm of snow in nothing but his boxers.

Ahead of this week's snowfall, Mr Bell made a bet with friends on social media that if a foot of snow fell, he would take a plunge into a pile of the white stuff - wearing just his underwear.

Weatherquest forecaster Chris Bell. Photo supplied by Chris Bell

Weatherquest forecaster Chris Bell. Photo supplied by Chris Bell - Credit: chris bell

And just like Gary Lineker after his promise to present Match of the Day in the same attire if Leicester City completed their unlikely Premier League title win, he did not shy away.

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Mr Bell said: "Around 10 days ago one of the computer systems we use said there may be more than 30cm of snow.

"While we were all certain there would be some snow, in around 20 years of living in Norfolk the most I'd seen was between 15cm and 20cm, so I had my doubts.

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"I, therefore, jokingly decided to tell my friends on Facebook that if there was more than 30cm I would jump in it wearing just my pants."

And lo and behold, earlier this week Mr Bell measured that exact amount outside of his home in Foxley, leaving him with no choice but to take the plunge.

He said: "In a way I was quite lucky, because the snow we've had this week was far more powdery than what we had a few weeks ago. It wasn't the sticky type of snow that is great for making snowmen, so when I jumped in most of it brushed off me.

"Don't get me wrong though, it was definitely very cold.

"I initially only thought to share the video on Facebook with my close friends, but then decided with everything that is going on in the world we could all do with a laugh and a smile - so I'm glad I've been able to do that for people."

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