Watton homes hit by flooding tell of neighbourly spirit as water flowed through homes

Flooding in Watton. Photo by Neal Trafankowski

Flooding in Watton. Photo by Neal Trafankowski - Credit: Archant

Homeowners hit by flooding have described how neighbourly spirit prevailed after torrents of water poured into a row of cottages.

The cottages on Saham Road, Watton, after being affected by flooding.

The cottages on Saham Road, Watton, after being affected by flooding. - Credit: Archant

People living in cottages on Saham Road, Watton, watched on as torrential rain caused their gardens and homes to flood from around 6pm last night.

As the clouds broke this morning to bright sunshine, they were left surveying the damage of the night before.

Stephen Webster, who lives in Sage Lodge, said he saw 18 inches of water surge into his garden, and managed to contain it to three or four inches inside his house.

'It was coming through the back garden from the fields and overflowing the sewerage. It did take long for the whole garden to fill.

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'We shut the doors and moved furniture but it came through. All the carpets and skirting boards are damaged.

'We've salvaged what we can but I'm basically going to have to start again. I've lived here five years and had the place how I wanted it so it's hard to have to do that,' he said.

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Mr Webster was able to stay at his parent's house in Watton, but other neighbours were left stranded.

Some stayed at the home of Shaun and Elysia Depledge, whose end of terrace cottage managed to avoid the flooding.

Mrs Depledge said she had taken people in, and praised others who had helped out.

'We have been really lucky but others were in trouble. The water flowing in the road outside was so powerful - at one point we saw it move a 4 x 4 down the road.

'Everybody who could help, helped, and there were some young lads from next door who were amazing with helping people.

'It was like a swimming pool out the front but everyone came together to help and it shows what a great little community we have here,' she said.

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