Waterworks overhaul will protect Great Yarmouth quayside from floods

GREAT Yarmouth's historic quayside has been shored up against flooding after a major project to renew overflow equipment was completed.

The �275,000 scheme to improve the storm overflow stations near Haven Bridge will now safeguard the surrounding area against flood water, which has often plagued the town during periods of heavy rain.

The stations kick into action when the nearby pumps that deal with sewage water become overloaded by downpours.

Overflow sewage is fed into the storm stations to be filtered and then discharged into the River Yare as water.

Recently however problems had developed within the stations, which was causing river water to backup and flood the quay.

But this fault has now been fixed after engineers from Anglia Water overhauled their machinery.

Anthony Innes, spokesman for the firm, said: 'We have made improvements to the existing infrastructure, which should significantly reduce the quay area of flooding.

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'Certainly we hope it will be a very good project for Great Yarmouth that will keep the town looking as nice as possible.'

But he warned mother nature could still cause flooding in the area.

He added: 'We can't rule out to never happen again. If the river was to get very high - higher than the sea defences - it could well come from there. But it should not happen as a result of our equipment.'

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