Water supplies restored to flats

Colby Court

Colby Court in King's Lynn, where 26 flats have had no water for three weeks after a pump failed - Credit: Google

Water supplies have been restored to flats which have been cut of for three weeks.

Freebridge Community Housing said  engineers have now repaired a pump at Colby Court, in King's Lynn, which had failed leaving 26 flats without water.

Chief executive Anita Jones said: “Engineers from the specialist contractor who built the electronic control panel required for the pump have been on site since this morning. Alongside them we have also had engineers on site to check the heating and hot water systems of those who had been affected.

"They will continue to be on site throughout this afternoon in case any further issues arise as some residents return home from work.

“Once again, we would like to say how very sorry we are about the problems the residents of Colby Court have experienced with the supply of water to their properties."

Bottle water has been delivered to tenants, while showers have been made available in a nearby community centre.