WATCH: Kayaker catches shark off north Norfolk coast - with his bare hands!

A baby shark that was caught off the north Nofolk coast in Febuary. Picture: Youtube

A baby shark that was caught off the north Nofolk coast in Febuary. Picture: Youtube - Credit: YouTube

And you'll never guess what he does next...

A kayaker caught a shark off the north Norfolk coast with his bare hands.

And then he held his catch up to his face to admire the killer of the sea as it wrestles to escape.

The unnamed fisherman was captured in a clip uploaded to video-sharing website YouTube.

After baiting ten bass, the man is then seen casually lifting the baby shark out of the water for closer inspection.

The two-minute video, entitled Kayak Fishing in Trimingham, was uploaded by Michelle Edgley seven months ago and has received more than 200 views.

It's not the first shark to be spotted along the country's coast.

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