Watch how to make your very own outdoor swimming pool - with a difference

Swimming pond in David Butler's back garden in Saxthorpe

Swimming pond in David Butler's back garden in Saxthorpe - Credit: Archant

Nestled in north Norfolk is a tranquil pool where you can swim and enjoy nature at the same time.

David Pagan Butler, a local filmmaker, from Saxthorpe, has created his very own eco-friendly swimming pool in his back garden.

And now eight years later, Mr Butler is helping others to do the same after creating a step-by-step YouTube video which has been viewed nearly 5m times.

The natural pool works entirely with nature to provide hygienic water for swimming. The ecology of plants and animals condition the water so there is no need for chemical disinfectants.

The clever idea came after Mr Butler notices crystal clear water in a water butt at his home that had a tuft of grass growing out of it.

After initially thinking he had stumbled across an original idea, he looked for references online and found plants had been used in natural swimming pools for 20 years in Austria.

But there was no information on how to create your own. He then created his own video as a way for people to make their own pool without the need to pay the high price commercial firms charge to install them.

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Mr Butler said: 'Making a pond is the most effective way you can increase local biodiversity. Our landscape used to have thousands upon thousands of ponds, but through agricultural practice and land development most have been lost. By encouraging people to make organic pools for their own health, wellbeing and all round 'joie de vivre', they are simultaneously creating valuable habitats and stepping stones for wildlife across our landscape.'

On the back of his video success, he has since addressed an American Institute of Architecture conference in San Francisco and has recently been invited to a meeting of creators at Google headquarters in London.

The pools have moved firmly into the mainstream with the UK's first ever public natural swimming pool opening in King's Cross, London this summer.

He is running two one-day courses from his home for people who want to find out more about making their own pool.

They are taking place on April 13 and May 11, for more information contact David on or 07478893358.

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