Watch how this Gorleston three-year-old became an Internet sensation

Keeley Scott covered in her mum's lipstick to look like Spiderman. Picture: Claire Scott

Keeley Scott covered in her mum's lipstick to look like Spiderman. Picture: Claire Scott - Credit: Picture: Nikki Hedges - YouTube

Like millions of other children across the world, three-year-old Keeley Scott wants to be a superhero.

However, in trying to look like one herself, she has inadvertently taken the Internet by storm.

More than four million people have viewed this adorable video, in which the Gorleston tot has covered her hands, arms and face in her mother's lipstick - in an attempt to look like Spiderman.

The video was originally posted in January, however, it went viral after being posted on Facebook page Distractify.

The success of the cute clip has come much to the surprise of mum Clare, 34.

She said: 'I was shocked by just how many people viewed the video, but also really happy with all the comments it was receiving. People have said some really lovely things about her.'

The video is the second time Keeley, the youngest of five children, has made the headlines. In 2013 she appeared in the pages of the Great Yarmouth Mercury, as the borough's first born child of the year.

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Mrs Scott added: 'She's always up to mischief. The video wasn't the first time she had done anything like that and definitely hasn't been the last. It was just her being her.'

To date the video has 4.2m views, with more than 7,000 people commenting on it.

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