WATCH: “Bone idle” drivers caught crossing two lanes of traffic at Drayton junction

Drivers are ignoring a no right turn sign in Drayton. Picture: Paul Sergent

Drivers are ignoring a no right turn sign in Drayton. Picture: Paul Sergent - Credit: Archant

A Costessey resident has caught unsuspecting drivers ignoring a no right turn at the junction of Drayton High Road and Costessey Lane on his dashcam.

Paul Sergent said he has passed his videos to Norfolk Police to highlight the dangers of the junction after seeing drivers flout the rules three or four times every week.

Drivers are supposed to turn left before looping back around the junction to avoid crossing oncoming traffic.

Roads policing officers say the junction is not currently regarded as a 'hotspot for collisions' but have asked for any drivers with dashcam footage to send it to them via their website.

Mr Sergent, of Gurney Close, Costessey, said the problem has been ongoing for years.

'I think it is bone idleness,' he said. 'The junction has been like that for many years and there has been a lot of reports about it from the Drayton community saying how bad it is.

'I used to use it four times a day and without exception there will be someone coming out of the garage and trying to turn right.

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'I have sent police details about it many times and have heard nothing back about it.

'There are two lanes of traffic coming down from the right hand side of the junction and the left hand lane is supposed to be left only, or straight on to Fakenham.

'The right hand lane should take you up towards the Bob Carter Centre in Drayton.

'They are pulling straight out across two lanes of traffic and blocking out the lane from Fakenham into Norwich. I think most of them are ignoring the signs. There is nothing marked across the road to indicate they shouldn't turn right.

'The people of Drayton and Taverham have been trying to get that junction changed for a long time.'

Detective Inspector Chris Hinitt, from the Norfolk and Suffolk Serious Collision Team, said: 'We do not currently regard this junction as a hotspot for collisions however if anyone had dashcam footage from this location or anywhere else in the county which they believe should be passed to the police it is easy to do so on the Norfolk Police website under the 'report something' section.

'When footage is received by Norfolk Police it is reviewed by an officer and action is taken, this could ultimately result in the motorist appearing in court or receiving an offer of a driver education course.'