Warning over 'National Insurance' automated phone call con

Be wary of scam calls.

The automated 'National Insurance' number calls are a con, watchdogs warn. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

A warning has been issued over scam automated phone calls about National Insurance numbers.

Officers at Norfolk County Council's Trading Standards department said recent reports include that people's National Insurance numbers have been breached in security risks, used in criminal activities, used fraudulently, been compromised or is about to be cancelled.

Norfolk County Council at County Hall in Norwich

Norfolk County Council's Trading Standards officers have issued a warning about National Insurance number scam calls. - Credit: Archant

Watchdogs said some calls claim to be from the ‘National Crime Agency’, while others are saying they are ‘law enforcement officers’.

The calls ask people to press 1 to stop suspension, cancellation or warrants for arrest being issued.

But a spokesman for Norfolk Trading Standards said: "These calls are a scam and the claims made are not genuine."

They urged people not to press 1, but to report calls to HM Revenue & Customs by emailing phishing@hmrc.gov.uk, giving details of the date and time, the phone number used and the content of the call.