Volunteers clean up the roadsides of Kimberley, Coston and Carleton Forehoe

A team of litter-pickers took to the roadsides of three Norfolk villages to clean up their local environment.

Ten volunteers came forward to clear the verges of rubbish in Kimberley, Coston and Carleton Forehoe following help from the Norfolk branch of the Campaign to Protect Rural England.

After two hours of litter-picking, the team collected 30 sacks of rubbish from the roadsides including car bumpers and tyres.

Dina Hambro, who organised the event, said: 'It was absolutely brilliant. We collected a mountain of rubbish and hopefully we may have another go in five months time.'

'I was so fed up at seeing all the verges covered in junk, not to mention the fly-tipping that goes on around the lanes.'

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The litter-pickers were joined by local district councillor Michael Edney.

All of the litter-pick equipment was supplied by the CPRE, including sets of gloves, hi-visibility jackets, grabbers and bags.

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To find out more about organising a community litter-pick and to 'Stop the Drop', visit the website at www.cprenorfolk.org.uk/campaigns/litter

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