Visitors reassured following Norfolk alligator ‘sighting’

A Norfolk holiday park manager has assured visitors he is satisfied that there are no alligators on the loose after police were called on Tuesday following an alleged sighting.

Police were called to the Waveney Valley Lakes in Wortwell after the man told police he saw two of the giant animals on the surface of the water.

He is believed to have taken a picture on his mobile phone.

Park manager Dave Potter said today: 'I don't know when the person saw it. He had been here and saw what he thought was two alligators. We had a visit from the Safer Neighbourhood Team. We feel that what he had seen was a pair of rather large logs.

'I do not know who the person is. He was here and then he called the police. He didn't report it to us.'

'We did a head count and all the residents and their dogs are here.'

'Nobody has been bothered.'

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Police visited the park on Tuesday following the report.

A Norfolk police spokesman said: 'We received a call from another police force who were contacted by a member of the public reporting the alleged sighting of two reptiles in a lake at a Norfolk fishing venue.

'One of our officers visited the owners of the venue to make them aware of the claim. The owners are confident the allegation is false and the matter is now closed.'

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