Village meeting raises more questions over Lyng’s broadband blackout

More than 200 people in Lyng have been left without broadband since mid-May. Photo: Steve Adams

More than 200 people in Lyng have been left without broadband since mid-May. Photo: Steve Adams

Internet users who have been suffering a blackout for a month filled their village hall last night to try to find a way to get back online.

About 200 people living and working in Lyng, near Dereham, who subscribe to RW Internet have been without broadband since the middle of May.

Since the connection went down the company has posted a series of messages on its website about the issues and have provided a back-up. But many users have found the connection is so weak that they cannot even send an email.

Lyng Parish Council chairman Camilla Davis said she wanted to know when the internet would return and at what speed.

'We need more information so people can be reassured there will be a solution, and soon,' she said.

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But Mrs Davis added that RW Internet had been invited to the meeting, but no one had attended.

A statement on RW Internet's website reads: 'Please be aware there will be no representative from RW Internet attending as we have not been made aware of the date/time or location nor have we been invited to attend.' The company had previously apologised for the problems.

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People at the meeting said they were frustrated.

Carol La Roche, 68, said being offline meant not being able to see updates of her granddaughter via email.

'It's been almost four weeks and it's all still Chinese whispers. We still don't know if it's coming back on,' she said. 'I want to know what is happening.'

The Wispire project, a joint venture with the Diocese of Norwich which uses the height of historic buildings to beam high-speed broadband into surrounding homes and businesses, said at the meeting it could work out a solution for the village.

But it said because it is 'unclear commercially who owns what' in terms of connection equipment, it 'could not move forward' until that was solved with RW Internet.

Karl Alderton, from Comms Supply, said his company could also provide a connection in the village – but only for businesses.

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