VIDEO: Norfolk duo’s Christmas Sandwich chart bid

A pair of Norfolk film-makers are aiming for festive chart success with a song about the quintessential Christmas Sandwich.

It is the accolade every musician wants for Christmas.

From the Pogues to Slade, it turns talented performers into yuletide legends. And now a Norfolk duo are making their own bid for a Christmas number one – with the help of a familiar festive snack.

Filmmakers Oscar Lotis and Oliver Payne have collaborated to make the music video for the song, The Christmas Sandwich.

The yuletide track is written and performed by singer-songwriter Chris Dennis, and is fast becoming an internet sensation with more than 6,000 hits in just four days.

The tune is inspired by the Boxing Day tradition of raiding the fridge to make a snack of leftover food.

Oscar Lotis, 27, of Worthing, near Dereham, directed the music video.

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He said: 'The song captures the sentiment and vibe of Christmas so well. We really want to go for the Christmas number one and so far it has been a great start.'

The video was filmed in October at Oscar's parents' house in Worthing.

The pair transformed the cottage into a makeshift studio, taking over the living room, the dining room and the kitchen for three days of filming.

Their aim was to re-create the cosy comforts and community spirit of a traditional English Christmas.

This involved preparing a feast of turkey, ham and all the trimmings, and inviting friends and family to be the stars of the video.

Oliver Payne, 27, of North Elmham, near Dereham, did the lighting, camera work and video editing.

He described the song as a good old knees-up sing-along, perfect to listen to while holding a tankard of ale alongside your best mates.

He said: 'We feel the music video manages to capture that feeling at Christmas of coming together and having a great time with those who are closest to you.'

The song was produced with the help of Chris Dennis' friends in Brighton and Norfolk. His cousin plays violin on the track, while members of Chris's band, The G's, and the Brighton folk band, The Moulettes, sing backing vocals.

Chris Dennis, 26, of Patcham, Brighton, said: 'I came up with the song last year when I did not have any money to buy Christmas presents for my family. I wrote three Christmas songs. One was the Christmas Sandwich and the other two were Tears of a Snowman and One Little Prezzie for Christmas Eve. So far, I am really pleased with how well it has done on YouTube and I hope people will continue to support it.'

The Christmas Sandwich will be released on iTunes in the run-up to Christmas, while a campaign to get it to the top of the pop charts is also running on the Facebook website.

To join the campaign, visit