Video: Motorcyclists take to the A11 to protest “cheese wire” barriers

Motorcyclists protest the use of steel wire barriers on the A11.

Motorcyclists protest the use of steel wire barriers on the A11. - Credit: Archant

More than 200 bikers formed a procession of protest as they continued to fight the use of so-called 'cheese wire' barriers.

Escorted by police and stretching back for hundreds of metres, the motorcade made its way up and down the stretch of A11 currently being dualled by the Highways Agency on Sunday.

The focus of their objections are the steel wire barriers that have been installed on the scheme, which they say are dangerous for bikers.

Simon Frampton, who took part in the protest and has also started a petition against the barriers, said the stunt showed the size of opposition.

'This has been kicking around for ten years now and they keep coming back with the same line, that they are going to phase them out.

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'They keep saying they have passed the tests so they are safe.

'But when you look at the evidence, that's not true for motorcyclists, and our question would be: 'why do you keep using these dangerous barriers?'

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Organisers said it took five weeks to rally participants to the protest, with similar events taking place around the country.

A Highways Agency spokesman said it stood by its position that the barriers were appropriate.

'This section of the A11 is generally very straight and there has been no significant accident history regarding motorcycles.

'Wire rope safety fence has been installed because it is a compliant, approved system and is deemed to be an appropriate safety measure for this location,' she said.

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