Video: London Underground singer records a single after becoming a YouTube sensation

A still of the video of Neil Francis singing on the Underground. Picture: YouTube

A still of the video of Neil Francis singing on the Underground. Picture: YouTube - Credit: Archant

Online singing sensation Neil Francis has gone into the studio to record his own single after a video of him belting out an 80s classic on the London Underground went viral.

The Great Yarmouth singer has been inundated with messages from people urging him to record his own hit since his impromptu performance on the platform at Kentish Town, which prompted a station sing-along, was shared across the globe.

And this week the 47-year-old travelled to Wales to record his first single with independent label Ministry of Pop.

Neil, from Lancaster Road, said he had spoken to one of the bosses from the label before as they have worked with Andy Bell, lead singer of Erasure.

'I got chatting to him on Facebook and after all this came up I said to him 'everybody's asking me to record something, is there anything that you can do?'' added Neil.

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'He said let me have a chat with my colleagues and he came back a couple of days and said 'can you get down to Newport?

We've decided we're going to write a single for you and release it'. I was like, oh my God!'

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Neil, who used to perform with Yarmouth-based band u4ia [Euphoria], described the single as electro pop with an anthemic feel and said it would be released on iTunes early in the new year.

He said more than 15 million people had watched the Underground video, recorded after he had been to an Erasure gig at the London Forum with friends.

And since it was posted online his life had been a 'whirlwind', with the feel-good performance being picked up by national and international media.

'I have had Facebook messages from America, Kiev, Canada, Hong Kong; all they have been saying has been so positive,' he added.

'It's been quite lovely and some of the messages have been ones that I'll take with me forever, and just after doing something so innocent.

'It's truly amazing, I've still not taken it all in.'

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