VIDEO: Ghostly vision marks start of Adnams Ghost Ale campaign

Southwold brewer Adnams has launched a new campaign to promote its ghost beer with a spooky marketing campaign in the town.

A strong following among beer fans has prompted the company to make its seasonal Ghost Ship a permanent beer and the firm put on a ghostly spectacle with a ghost ship appearing on the side of its brewery in the form of a short film as the start of a campaign which will continue in pubs, online and in Adnams' Cellar and Kitchen stores.

The Ship will also re-emerge at Norwich's Chapelfield on Friday night.

The short projection, designed in collaboration with the Spring design agency in the town shows the windows of the brewery appearing to break away, with water pouring from them and then the spectre of the smugglers' Ghost Ship appearing on the waves, before disappearing out of sight.

Victoria Savory, Head of Marketing at Adnams said: 'We opted for the film projection as we wanted an innovative and memorable format that we hope people will share through social media after the event.'

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