Video: Fans’ delight as Ronan Parke visits the Royal Norfolk Show

Devoted fans screamed with delirious delight when they met singer Ronan Parke at the Norfolk Show today.

Hundreds of people queued outside the EDP and Evening News stand to get the 12-year-old's autograph and have their photo taken with him.

Nicola Tipple, 12, from Aylsham queued with her friend Hannah for an hour to meet the star.

Nicola said: 'I am a big fan. I want him to sign my 'I love Ronan' hoodie.'

Girls screamed his name, shouted 'we love you' and passed him their phone numbers as he signed photographs of himself.

He also signed birthday cards, posters and t-shirts.

Earlier on in the day, people lined outside the Vice President's area to see the 12-year-old star from Poringland.

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Ronan was at the show with his mum Maggie, brother Declan, family friend Susan Gunn and his best friend from school, Julia Schoppe.

After being interviewed by Radio Norfolk, Ronan was driven away from screaming fans who followed the car.

Ronan said: 'There was a huge crowd and we had to just run and they followed us here, they followed the car.

'I love seeing all my fans.'

Tuesday was Ronan's first day back at Framingham Earl High School since he shot to fame on Britain's Got Talent. He has recently completed a tour of the country.

He said: 'I had the best time of my life but I missed my friends and I missed my mum's food. At the moment we are working towards our summer maths exams at school.'

Speaking about the Norfolk show, he said: 'I'm having a really nice day.

'I really want to go to the dogs trust stand. I fell in love with one of the dogs when I was there last time.

'I'm looking forward to meeting people and singing autographs for them.

Although fans screamed while he was being interviewed, Ronan said he didn't feel famous and that he was pleased to be back at school because it gave him a sense of normality.

He will spend the summer performing gigs across the country.

'I'm performing at T4 on the Beach which I'm really excited about and I am headlining at Hamilton Park Racecourse. It's my first gig and I'm headlining - it's crazy!'

Ronan said his audience were all from a varied age range.

'On sports day yesterday a few older people wanted me to speak to them and one of them said she wasn't going to sleep tonight because she had spoken to me. She said I could be her toy boy and I couldn't stop laughing!

'The strangest experience on tour was in Brighton and I was singing Make You Feel My Love and then afteerwards I did Because of You and 200 girls ran to the stage. I thought they were going to jump on the stage. I was singing autographs after one show and there were so many fans me and my dad has to be taken back inside. I thought I was going to get squashed,' he said.

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