Video and Photo Gallery: Thursford Christmas Spectacular - the biggest show of its kind

Thursford Christmas Spectacular 2014.Picture: ANTONY KELLY

Thursford Christmas Spectacular 2014.Picture: ANTONY KELLY - Credit: Archant

It is the largest Christmas show of its kind in the country and brings more than 100,000 people to Norfolk each year. We take a look at the figures behind the Thursford Christmas Spectacular.

Each year they come in their thousands to be swept up by the Christmas spirit and to enjoy an evenings entertainment they will not soon forget.

The Thursford Christmas Spectacular has grown from its humble origins as a carol concert in an old farm shed to the biggest festive show around.

The show sells 130,000 tickets a year and is estimated to bring around £10m in to the regions economy.

The spectacular is the brainchild of the Thursford Collection's John Cushing who founded the show and is to this day its director and producer.

A team of 130 dancers, singers and musicians take part in the magical show which includes everything from dance routines to comedy and acrobatics.

All the cast are professionals and many bring West End experience to the production.

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Here are the numbers behind the Christmas Spectacular:

Cast of 130 dancers, singers and musicians.

32-piece orchestra.

Two months of rehearsals.

130,000 tickets sold each year.

Estimated £10m boost to region's economy.

£4m budget.

Founded in 1977.

2,000 costumes per show.

Some four-minute scenes cost £30,000 each, one scene this year will cost £60,000.

30 people to install rig the set and install the thousands of Christmas lights.

30 Costume makers and fitters to produce all the stage costumes

135ft stage.

50 coach loads of visitors a day.

1,500 seat auditorium.

79 shows.