Video: Amazing footage as bird of prey swoops to kill outside Norwich office

Staff at Archant Norfolk's Rouen Road office were given a shock this morning when a bird of prey swooped and killed a pigeon right outside a top-floor window.

The sighting caused quite a stir among office colleagues as a succession of people peered out of the window to watch the bird, believed to be a peregrine falcon or a sparrow hawk, until it caught sight of another pair of pigeons and flew off in hot pursuit.

Adam Cole, Localsearch24 web administration co-ordinator, was talking to Archant business development colleague Ann Lown, head of digital partnerships, at around 8.15am.

He said: 'Suddenly this falcon swooped in from nowhere and clutched the pigeon in both of its talons by the back of the head.

'It pinned the pigeon to the floor and there was a 15-minute struggle with the falcon eventually killing the pigeon.

'I knew straight away that it was a peregrine falcon as I have seen the Evening News webcam of a pair of falcons nesting at the top of the nearby Norwich cathedral spire.

'It was not tagged so it was not one of that pair, but you don't often see them in urban areas. And to see one live in hunt and catch mode barely 10ft away is just incredible.

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'You would only ever see that on a David Attenborough TV programme!'

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