WATCH: White van driver's shocking near miss on A140

Dash cam footage of white van on A140

Alan Winterton's dash cam recorded a white van attempting two dangerous overtaking manoeuvres on the A140 in Norwich on his journey to work. - Credit: Alan Winterton

A driver has captured dash cam footage of a white van overtaking on a blind bend, putting lives at risk.

Alan Winterton filmed the same vehicle attempting two dangerous overtaking manoeuvres while driving to work on the A140 - and says he sees similar incidents almost every day.

The 39-year-old slaughterman, from Eye, said the van had sat behind him and a tanker for about ten miles before growing impatient and pulling out into the opposite carriageway to overtake.

The move caused Mr Winterton to brake hard and forced another car onto the verge and to a stop to avoid a head-on collision.

Then, around two or three miles later he encountered the van again, this time it was in front of him and accelerating on a blind bend and up a hill close to Dunston Hall on the opposite side of the road.

Mr Winterton said he saw bad driving almost every day but what he witnessed on Friday April 30 at around 6am was the worst he had seen, the driver having gained nothing from his overtaking which could have lead to a serious collision.

"He put other people's lives at risk as well as his own," he added.

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"I have seen many close calls on that road, but that was the worst."

Mr Winterton, who works at H G Blake's abattoir, said he intended to contact the van hire company to make them aware, and hoped that that by sharing the footage anyone else would think twice about performing such a dangerous overtaking move and realise they could be caught on camera.

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