US Election: Meet Donald Trump’s fans

Donald Trump rally general view

Donald Trump rally general view - Credit: Archant

Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton labelled Donald Trump supporters 'The Deplorables'. Political editor Annabelle Dickson spoke to some of his supporters at one of his final rallies before election day.

Michael and Janel Wood brought their 13-year-old daughters Sophia and two-year-old Willow.

Despite coming from a Democrat family, Mr Wood said he had become a Republican because he didn't want 'giant government'.

The computer programmer who lives in Ohio said if Trump did not win, they would be 'part of the revolution', and said there would be 'the second great American revolution'.

'The reality is our country has gone to hell in a hand basket, as Donald Trump says. The cronyism and the favours, Our country needs to be taken back.'

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Students Dusty Dillon, 21 and Andrew Nelson, 22 were at the rally.

Mr Dillon - a marketing student - said he was there for the veterans, as he felt Donald Trump was going to put more emphasis on the issue.

Mr Nelson - a biochemical and molecular biology student - said establishment politicians were in the pockets of their financial backers, but because of Mr Trump's wealth, he didn't have the debts to pay so he thought he could deliver the things he said.

'As a student it is really hard to be a Trump supporter as you have a lot of people on campuses who are sold these ideals which are empty sentiments and promises – 'hope and change'.

He said the message of Trump was the 'same ideal as Brexit'. 'Take our country back.'

Emma Kettig, 15, said she had liked Trump ever since he had first announced his candidacy,

'I like all his policies. My favourite one is building the wall to keep the illegal immigrants out. I feel that is a big one, especially for my future as a student, I feel that is going to affect me because they are going to take all the jobs I might want.'

She was at the rally with her friend Oliva Peabody, also 15, and her 56-year-old mother Barb Peabody.

Mrs Peabody said she liked Trump because he was not a politician, but a business man.

She said she was not bothered by the so-called Trump tape revelations.

'Men say horrible crude things behind closed doors and he got caught, but it doesn't change my opinion of him. He is a businessman and I have always though this country needs to be run like a business so he is going to do great things.

Jim and Jacqueline Angel, both 59, were at the rally.

Mrs Angel said she was backing Mr Trump because of 'moral issues' and his anti-abortion views.

'It is mainly the pro-life issue. I don't believe in abortion, I believe it is murder. We are Christian, but a lot of non-Christian people believe it is murder.'

She wasn't bothered by the Trump tape revelations.

'There are few men that I know that hasn't had a bit of a bragging macho kind of thing going on there. I would say 99pc of men have had locker room talk. It doesn't affect me. He is a little rough around the edges. He speaks his mind before he thinks, but as far as the issues go, he is spot on.'

Candice Fawsey, 33 was at the rally with her 28-year-old friend Brittany Dunaway.

Mrs Fawsey, the mother of a six-year-old daughter, said life had been hard. She still lives with her parents.

Her friend Ms Dunaway said it was going to get harder as she thought the flagship Barack Obama policy Obamacare was going to push up the price of health insurance premiums.

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