Upwell parish councillors repair riverside posts and railings along Well Creek

In a nod to David Cameron's Big Society agenda, two parish councillors have voluntarily completed the repairs to posts and railings which run alongside a river in the Fens.

Andrew Harrison and Brian Carr completed the repairs to posts and railings along Town Street in Upwell on two Sunday mornings.

The work by the two councillors is a good example of the type of projects the Prime Minister wants communities across the country to take on in light of the spending cuts.

Mr Harrison said: 'The railings running along Well Creek in Town Street were put in place more than 50 years ago but we don't know who installed them.

'Over time they fell into disrepair and we tried to find out who owned them to get them repaired without much success. Norfolk County Council said they didn't own them and there were discussions about the possibility of them being taken out.

'But we, at the parish council, felt they are an important part of this picturesque village.

'We also felt if they were taken out there would be nothing between the and road and the river.

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'We then asked the county council highways department if we could repair them and both myself and Brian Carr went along the river over two mornings to repair the railings.

'The parish council paid for the wooden posts which were installed where concrete posts were missing.'

He added: 'We have had a lot of positive feedback from villagers saying we have done a good job and how much better it looks.

'People have asked us if we were going to carry on into Outwell but we told them it's not our parish and it would be up to Outwell Parish Council to do the work.'

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