Update: The fate of RAF Marham “unlikely” to be announced today

Speculation that the future of RAF Marham will be announced today has been dismissed.

Reports from Scottish media said the fate of the west Norfolk base and two other Scottish bases was expected to be sealed today as Ministry of Defence officials make recommendations to ministers,

The Scotsman reported that a top-level meeting of service chiefs, senior civil servants and ministers, chaired by Defence Secretary Liam Fox, would consider a report on the future of the UK's bases.

It is alleged the report, drawn up by civil servants, has agreed recommendations made by the RAF and the army that Marham and Lossiemouth should remain airbases with RAF Leuchars becoming the new home for troops from Germany.

But a source at Westminster has told the EDP these meetings are a regular occurrence which look at the wider basing issues for the Armed Forces and that it is unlikely an announcement will be made today.

South West Norfolk MP, Elizabeth Truss, whose constituency covers RAF Marham, added: 'I understand that there have been internal meetings about basing at the MOD today but as yet no decision has been made.

'I will continue to press ministers on the case for RAF Marham and for an early announcement.'

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A spokesman at the MOD has told the EDP the announcement could be made at 'any time' between now and July, when parliament rises for its summer recess.

Crews from Marham played a vital role in early attacks on Colonel Gaddafi's forces in Libya, which prompted Make it Marham campaigners to demand that the government keep Norfolk's last RAF flying base open in March.

The speculation comes after Defence secretary Liam Fox signalled last month that an announcement on the future of RAF Marham is not imminent.

'We shall make an announcement in due course', he told journalists at Westminster.

The government's review of military bases was 'one of the most difficult things we have done' he continued, and was 'part of a very wide jigsaw' that involved bringing British troops back from Germany.

'When we are ready to announce which bases are to be retained and which bases are to be closed', I shall announce it in the House of Commons', he said.

Broadland MP Keith Simpson has said he expects an announcement by the last day of the Commons summer term, July 19, and the only thing that could delay it beyond then was a complication on withdrawing troops from Germany.