UPDATE Further detail on Former Waveney councillor admitting offensive email offence

Former Waveney District council lor Andrew Draper appeared at Lowestoft Magistrates' Court today to admit sending an offensive email to a police officer.

Former Waveney District council lor Andrew Draper appeared at Lowestoft Magistrates' Court yesterday to admit sending an offensive email to a police officer.

Draper, 37, had sent the email to a Norfolk police sergeant after she told him a complaint against police over the way he had been arrested for drink driving would not be upheld.

Tess Mann, prosecuting, said in the 'abusive and threatening' email Draper, 37, of Martin Close, Carlton Colville, accused the female officer of being fat, unattractive and open to corruption.

The email said: 'What cop out, you will hear from me via the Police Commisionor(sic). You think you can get away with anything, how many brown envelopes did you take. You fat....- when was the last time a man desired you?'

Mrs Mann said the police sergeant was 'quite affronted' that she had been accused of bribery by determining the results of the police complaints review against him.

The court heard that the officer had an 'added woe' as Draper's offensive email about her was also sent to six other people, including two editorial staff at the EDP and Lowestoft Journal office.

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Draper, who is a self-employed residential landlord, was fined �250 and ordered to pay �250 compensation to the police officer.

The email related to a police complaint from when Draper was arrested for drink driving in August.

Following Draper's arrest he pleaded guilty to drink driving and assaulting police inspector Stephen Bunn.

After his convictions Draper resigned as a Tory councillor on Waveney District Council to become an independent.

He resigned two weeks ago as an independent councillor – triggering a by-election in his Worlingham ward which could hand power of the council to the Labour opposition group if the party wins the ward.

The court heard Draper sent the email when he was drunk, was thoroughly ashamed of his behaviour and had written a letter of apology to the sergeant.

In mitigation Simon Nicholls said that because of his convictions in August and subsequent press coverage, in which people read about his behaviour in the paper over their 'cornflakes', Draper had turned to drink.

There had also been a 'raft of emails and letters' in support of the former councillor who had also lost his job as a lifeguard.

Mr Nicholls said: 'He is a man who has hit rock bottom this year.'

Judge David Cooper, sentencing, said Draper had already been 'severely punished' for his previous behaviour, which had resulted in his going as a 'pillar of the community to a 'complete pariah'.

Draper must also pay costs of �85 and a victim surcharge of �15.

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