UPDATE: Felbrigg car fire drama

This is the latest spectacular shot of a car that burst into flames in north Norfolk.

Taken by reader Jane Hodgson, the photo shows the car when the blaze was at its height, not far from the entrance to Felbrigg Hall on the B1436 near the junction with the A148.

Mrs Hodgson said: 'I came round the corner from the main Holt to Cromer road to see several cars strewn across the road. I thought it was a car accident and got out when a man ran towards the small blue car on the left side of the road.

'I went to help because I thought people may have been trapped and couldn't see if two cars were locked together. I then noticed flames (not many) showing on the road below the car. The next instant there were loads more flames - the bonnet had been opened before I arrived.'

She said the car was owned by an elderly couple, and the man who was running rescued two bags of their shopping from the car.

She added: 'At first it looked like a small engine fire, then suddenly the flames spread inside the car, then it was engulfed. And it roared, with loud bangs as the tyres and other things burst, and several sharp, loud pops. All the surrounding cars reversed and got away smartish once the flames got hold.'

The other shots - also taken by Mrs Hodgson - show a man using a hand-held fire extinguisher to try to put out the flames, and the scene a few minutes later as a fire crew from Cromer uses hosereel jets to put out the flames that are licking around the bonnet of the car.

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The crew was called to the scene at 12.33pm and left at 12.49pm. The fire happened on Tuesday, November 15.

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