UPDATE: East coast flood alerts likely for Suffolk, but Environment Agency says Norfolk will not be affected

Flood alerts are likely to be issued later today for Friday morning's tide for parts of the coast around Suffolk.

Environment Agency bosses say Norfolk will not be affected as it is a different set of circumstances to on November 27, when flooding hit the Norfolk coast.

A flood alert warns of the possibility of low lying land and roads flooding.

The Environment Agency is currently monitoring wave levels, tide heights and weather forecasts for atmospheric pressure and wind direction along the east coast today to assess the risk of flooding from the sea tomorrow.

Further flood alerts and flood warnings - used when property is at risk of flooding - could be issued for Friday evening's tide around parts of the east coast.

As this is very much dependent on wind direction, the decision to issue these warnings will not be made until Friday morning, giving 10 to 12 hours notice to anyone who could be affected.

Environment Agency officers are working closely with the Met office to monitor the situation and the appropriate level of warning will be issued in good time for people to be aware or to take action.

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Many people in areas at risk of flooding have signed themselves up to receive flood alerts in addition to flood warnings and severe flood warnings.

The Environment Agency is advising people to check if they are registered and which flood warnings they are registered to receive by calling Floodline on 0845 988 11 88 or visiting the Environment Agency's website.

Jim Hutchison, Anglian flood risk manager, said: 'We would urge people living in flood risk areas along the coast to be aware of the potential this Friday and if they want to receive any extra warnings they can do that by calling Floodline or going onto the website and registering.

'Being prepared is the best way to stay safe and we are doing all we can to make sure as many people who need to know, do know what is happening in their area.

'But we need them to do all they can as well to make sure they receive the information they individually want.

'We have a very comprehensive service available and anyone unsure about what they need can contact our Floodline number on 0845 988 11 88 to find out more.'

For the latest on flood alerts and flood warnings call Floodline or visit www.environment-agency.gov.uk

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