Universal Credit in Great Yarmouth: The landlord whose tenants are skipping rent

Yarmouth landlord Sue Dawson. PHOTO: Nick Butcher

Yarmouth landlord Sue Dawson. PHOTO: Nick Butcher - Credit: Nick Butcher

As part of our investigation into the impact of universal credit in Great Yarmouth we've been speaking to tenants and landlords in the town.

Sue Dawson, 67, has been a landlady for 35 years and has nine properties in Great Yarmouth.

She describes universal credit as a 'cheat's charter', because the delays have meant tenants have not paid her for months and then receive a large sum in their bank account.

At that point five of them have disappeared, owing her £2720.

'It just is not working,' she said. 'I kept them and helped them while they were waiting. As soon as they got the money they ran.'

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She added: 'We are being cheated by tenants. It is also stressful for the tenants because they are having to rely on handouts from foodbanks. I've lent tenants money to get though it.

'Most of them are good but some of them are unscrupulous and they are using it as a cheat's charter.

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'I try to be a good landlady but it has made me distrustful. We just don't get paid. For the first time in 32 years I am seriously in arrears with mortgage payments.'

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