Uninsured driver with 'completely flat tyre' caught travelling on the A47

Seized car

The car was seized after being stopped by NSRAPT for driving with a flat tyre - Credit: NSRAPT

Police seized a car after it was being driven with a completely flat tyre on the A47 and the driver was found to have no insurance.

According to Norfolk and Suffolk Roads and Armed Policing team (NSRAPT), the car was initially pulled over in Great Yarmouth for driving with a "completely flat tyre" along the A47 at around 5.30pm on Friday.

The car was also displaying foreign registration plates while actually being a UK-registered car.

The team said: "The driver was issued with a Traffic Offence Report(TOR) for no insurance and the car was seized."

The seizure comes after a week of multiple traffic-related offences on Yarmouth's roads.

On Wednesday, February 10, NSRAPT and the Road Casualty Reduction Team stopped a vehicle on the A47 at Acle after nine people were spotted crammed into an uninsured seven-seater.

Another driver was also fined for a Covid breach and given an TOR after using his phone behind the wheel while travelling from Surrey to Great Yarmouth.