UKIP not standing for election in South Norfolk

Voter placing a ballot paper in the ballot box at a polling station. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Rui Vi

Voter placing a ballot paper in the ballot box at a polling station. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Rui Vieira/PA Wire - Credit: PA

UKIP has confirmed it will not be entering a candidate for the South Norfolk constituency in next month's general election.

It follows the revelation that the party will not be entering candidates in Norwich or North Norfolk, where it has instead urged supporters to 'lend' their votes to the Conservatives.

Dr Chris Wright, of UKIP South Norfolk said, the issue of whether to stand a candidate in the general election was discussed in the South Norfolk UKIP branch meeting on Monday, May 10.

Paul Chambers, secretary of UKIP South Norfolk, said: 'Most of us feel that the best thing to is support the Tories rather than divide the vote.'

'Richard Bacon is pro-leave, we worked with him on the EU referendum handing out leaflets and given the political landscape in our constituency, we are not standing and asking our supporters to 'lend' their votes to the Conservatives.'

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Richard Bacon the Conservative candidate fro South Norfolk said: 'As I campaigned for Brexit, it is no surprise that UKIP will not be running a candidate in South Norfolk.'

'Theresa May has made it very clear she will deliver Brexit, and I believe the British people trust her to fight for a good deal. The election is also about other important local concerns, such as getting faster broadband, safer roads, greater use of our post offices and more choice in housing especially for young families, and I am campaigning on these issues,' said Mr Bacon.

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UKIP has confirmed it will be fielding a candidate in Great Yarmouth but it is not yet known whether UKIP candidates will be standing in Mid or North West Norfolk.

When asked where he thought the future of the party lay, Mr Chambers said: 'The clue is in the title, if the brexit decision goes through as it should then there will be a discussion to be had over the future of the party but as this juncture it really depends on whether the Tory government does a good job.'

Confirmed candidates for South Norfolk are; Richard Bacon (Conservative), Chris Brown (Lib Dems), Catherine Rowett (Green) and

Danielle Glavin (Labour).

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