UK RIOTS LATEST: Wymondham mother’s concern for daughter working in London

A Wymondham woman has spoken of her anxiety for her daughter who lives and works near to where violence has erupted over the past few days.

The shocking scenes which have unfolded before our eyes over the past three days have proved particularly worrying for Mary-Jane Kingsland, 52, who lives near Wymondham, whose daughter Rebecca lives in Clapham.

Mrs Kingsland, who is a recognised expert in mentoring and coaching and is behind the company Green Light, said: 'I've got my daughter in London, she's 24 and it's very worrying.

'You can follow a lot on Facebook and Twitter, but it's a long way and even jumping in the car you're still not going to get there for two-and-a-half hours - that's my worry.

'I'm sure there are a lot of people who might have family or friends that they're worried about - the images on TV are just horrendous. It's like something you would expect to see from a war zone.'

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Rebecca, a former Norwich High School for Girls pupil, works at the Primrose Hill-based Spice boutique and was forced to close early yesterday.

Mrs Kingsland said: 'She lives in Clapham and her home stop is Chalk Farm where there's a lot of problems. She was working in Angel yesterday and there were problems in Islington.

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'The police came round and told them to shut up early. They took all the stuff out of the windows to try to not make people want to smash the windows.'

Mrs Kingsland said her daughter, who works for an independent store, has gone back into work today, but with other staff there to help provide more security.

She said: 'She didn't know what to do. She decided she would take a walk over this morning to see whether they were opening up. She normally works alone, but they arranged for the owner to come in and be with her so she's not working on her own which I'm happier about.'

Mrs Kingsland said she spoke to her daughter on the phone yesterday as some of the trouble was going on.

She said: 'When she came up the tube station she said all she could see was smoke and all I could hear were sirens. She was going to go for a meal with her boyfriend, but, for safety reasons they decided to stay at home.'

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