Two teachers from Diss have launched a groundbreaking classroom resource that is helping students around the world

Bedrock Learning. Photo from Bedrock Learning.

Bedrock Learning. Photo from Bedrock Learning. - Credit: Bedrock Learning.

Two English teachers from Norfolk have decided to address the problem of language gaps between pupils from differing economic backgrounds by developing a ground breaking classroom resource.

Bedrock Learning. Photo from Bedrock Learning.

Bedrock Learning. Photo from Bedrock Learning. - Credit: Bedrock Learning.

Research suggests that the size of a child's vocabulary is often determined by their background.

By the age of three, children from 'professional' backgrounds will have been exposed to around 30m more words than their less-advantaged peers, this language gap has a direct affect on pupil attainment.

English teachers Olivia Sumpter and Aaron Leary who are now based in Diss met whilst teaching in London.

After noticing first hand the lack of resources and limited time available to teachers to narrow the language gap the pair took it upon themselves to address the issue directly.

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Mr Leary said: 'As English teachers ourselves, we saw the link between vocabulary size and academic attainment in English and across the curriculum.

'There was very little support out there to help English teachers with this, so we decided to make the product ourselves.'

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The pair launched Bedrock learning in 2014.

Students log into the interactive vocabulary programme and discover new words through a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts.

In just three years the program is already proving to be popular resource for teachers.

Supporting more than 12,000 students globally and being used in classrooms in China, South Korea, Canada and here in the UK, the business is already proving to be a huge success.

Taking on their first employee in October 2015 and a second in early 2016, Mrs Sumpter said, 'We aim to become the go-to literacy solution for schools and ensure fewer students across the U.K fall behind with their reading.'

In order to develop, Bedrock learning is currently looking for armchair investors and inviting members of the public to become shareholders in the company.

So far the buisness has raised £23,300 of its £100,000 target on the crowd funding web site crowdcube.

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