Two neighbouring Norfolk villages under the control of three different planning authorities call for more cooperation

Councillor Martin Richmond (left) and Cllr Barry Fiske (right) on Wroxham Bridge, which separates bo

Councillor Martin Richmond (left) and Cllr Barry Fiske (right) on Wroxham Bridge, which separates both villages. Photo: Wroxham Parish Council - Credit: Archant

They are two communities joined together by a historic bridge over the River Bure.

But in eyes of Norfolk's district councils, the police and even the Government, Wroxham and Hoveton could not be more separate.

Despite their close proximity, the villages - and the river between them - fall under the control of three different planning authorities.

Now, with the threat of future development looming, parish councillors from both villages are calling for the different authorities to work more closely together.

They have formed the Wroxham and Hoveton Joint Action Group in a bid to cut through what they describe as 'bureaucratic red tape', and to speak with a single voice.

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Barry Fiske, chairman of Wroxham Parish Council, said: 'The problems that beset Hoveton also largely affect Wroxham as well, such as the massive congestion on the main road through the two villages the A1151.

'If housing development takes place in ether community then it puts added strain on facilities that we both share, such as the doctors surgeries and schools.

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'And yet we have the crazy situation where three local authorities have a say in how our joint communities grow and develop.'

While Wroxham comes under the control of Broadland District Council, Hoveton falls under North Norfolk District Council.

The River Bure, meanwhile, which separates both villages, is the responsibility of the Broads Authority.

And in parliament, Liberal Democrat MP Norman Lamb represents Hoveton, while Conservative Keith Simpson is Wroxham's MP.

Martin Richmond, chair of Hoveton Parish Council said: 'As pressure on these authorities increases to release land for development it is ever more important that community representatives, like our two parish councils, work together co-operatively to protect the identities of these precious villages'

The action group's first target is to tackle the noise and pollution caused by traffic using the A1151.

The group said that a recent study showed half a million vehicle movements passing through the two villages in just over two months.

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