Two cats die after being poisoned in Spixworth

Bill and Ted were poisoned in Spixworth. Picture RSPCA.

Bill and Ted were poisoned in Spixworth. Picture RSPCA. - Credit: Archant

Two cats have died after being poisoned with antifreeze near their home in Spixworth.

The two cats, Bill and Ted, were found by their owners at their home in William Peck Road, Spixworth.

The two-year-old cats, who were brothers, showed signs of lethargy and unsteadiness on their feet and they were rushed to the vets. The vet confirmed that a blood test for both cats showed signs of antifreeze which had poisoned them.

Owners Matthew Clarkson and Georgina Angel had noticed on Thursday August 18 that Bill had not come back home at his usual time. He later returned to the house at around 10pm, where it was clear he was unwell.

Mr Clarkson said: 'Our dog rushed to Bill to make a fuss of him, which doesn't usually happen, and then we noticed he was really unbalanced on his feet, so we were rushed him to the on-call vet. They started running numerous tests and we were there until 2am, waiting to hear.

'After keeping Bill in overnight, the vets told us that the blood tests had shown antifreeze in his system, and the kindest thing was to put him to sleep, as his kidneys were so badly damaged. We were completely devastated.'

When the couple returned home from the vets to bury Bill, they noticed that Ted was showing the same signs that Bill had the day before, so he too was rushed to the vets.

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Mr Clarkson said: 'Again, the vets ran a blood test and confirmed that Ted too had antifreeze in his system, and by this time he had become just as poorly that the vets recommended that again, it was best for him to be put to sleep too.'

The pair's remaining cat, nine year-old Phil, appears unharmed, but rarely goes further than the garden.

The RSPCA would like to speak to anybody with any information relating to this incident.

RSPCA chief inspector Kat Parfitt said: 'This is a terrible situation and certainly not one any pet owner should have to go through. Both Matthew and Georgina spent the weekend knocking on neighbours doors, warning them to be cautious and spreading the word.

'Worryingly, poisoning is not uncommon and cats are naturally inquisitive, so it's possible this poor cat had consumed something poisonous by accident. However, we cannot rule out the possibility that this could have been a deliberate act of cruelty, so if anybody has any information I would ask them to call me in complete confidence on 0300 123 8018, where they can leave me a message.'

The RSPCA recommends that if a pet owner is concerned that their pet may have been poisoned, they should contact their vet immediately.

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