TV star Tony Robinson responds to Yarmouth schoolchildren’s appeal

Pupils from St Nicholas priory junior school having a victorian morning to launch the start of topic

Pupils from St Nicholas priory junior school having a victorian morning to launch the start of topics about the Industrial Revolution. Launching balloons as a publicity stunt to encourage Tony Robinson to come to view our class documentaries.Picture: James Bass - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2015

Youngsters who hatched a cunning plan to encourage their favourite TV presenter to visit their school have had their efforts rewarded.

Year six pupils at St Nicholas Priory Junior School wrote letters and tweeted under the hashtag GetTonyToPriory in a bid to lure Tony Robinson to a screening of their own documentaries about the industrial revolution.

The children spent a week in September living and dressing as people would have done during that period and also staged a balloon release to amplify their invitation.

The classrooms were also turned into different working environments, with children given different roles and ways of earning their shillings,

Since then contact was also made on Twitter and the Blackadder actor - famous for his comedy catchphrase 'I have a cunning plan' - agreed to come along and see the children's documentaries at St George's Theatre next month.

Year six teacher, Romy Simons said: 'For Tony to respond to the children's letters and agree to come along is great news. It is fantastic because we were initially sceptical as we didn't know if somebody as famous and as busy as he is would come along to a Yarmouth school.

'The children will be ecstatic when they find out that he is coming and all of this has to be a positive for our school. Tony loves talking about history so hopefully he will enjoy what the children have made for him.'

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The pupils will be presenting their documentaries on Wednesday, December 9 between 10.45am and 12.15pm.

The day has been broken down in to two slots with each slot showing two fifteen minute documentaries. Slot one will be between 10.45am and 11.30am, with the second slot getting underway at 11.30am and finishing at 12.15pm.

Mr Robinson will also be giving 10 minute talks at the end of each slot to the parents, children and teachers in the theatre.

The actor has worked on a number of documentaries looking back at the industrial revolution including Channel 4's Walking Through History and The Worst Jobs in History.