Truck driver who fell off ladder in Thorpe St Andrew sues for £300,000


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An 18-stone truck driver who fell off a ladder whilst loading his lorry is suing a Norfolk haulage firm for over £300,000, claiming it breached health and safety regulations.

Gary Waddell, 54, worked for Valley Traction Services Limited, of St Andrews Business Park, outside Norwich, when his accident occurred, according to a High Court writ.

His lawyers say that Mr Waddell was up a ladder in the company's yard in February 2013 when disaster struck as he was using a crane to transfer an industrial boiler on to his wagon.

The trucker, who 'weighed just over 18 stone' at the time, 'sustained heavy blows to his stomach and back' when he fell whilst 'six or seven rungs' up the ladder, the writ states.

Barrister, Marcus Grant, says Mr Waddell sustained an 'ongoing spinal injury', which contributed to another ladder accident he had at the company's yard in October 2014.

The writ says that his injuries have left Mr Waddell unable to work.

He is now suing for damages which 'exceed £300,000', claiming a safe system of work was not in place in the yard when he came to grief.

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The writ states that Mr Waddell was injured when the ladder slipped from beneath him, causing him to strike his belly on the bed of the truck before falling heavily to the ground on his back.

Mr Grant says that, as a result of his injuries, Mr Waddell's 'doctor prohibited him from driving lorries and his HGV licence was subsequently suspended.'

'He has not worked since. He now seeks compensation from the defendant in respect of the injury and consequential loss and damage flowing from both accidents,' the barrister states.

The contents of the writ have yet to be tested in evidence before a judge and the company's defence to the action was not available from the court.

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