The price American hunters pay per animal to shoot in Norfolk

American huntress Larysa Switlyk (left) with a friendd and Alex Hinkins during her trip to Norfolk i

American huntress Larysa Switlyk (left) with a friendd and Alex Hinkins during her trip to Norfolk in February. Picture: Larysa Switlyk/Facebook - Credit: Larysa Switlyk

A tour operator is charging American hunters up to £25,000 a time to shoot deer in Norfolk.

The revelation comes after a controversial US huntress angered animal lovers by posting pictures of deer and a rare breed sheep she had shot in the county on social media. today said it did not arrange Larysa Switlyk's visit to the UK in February.

She posed for pictures with muntjac, Chinese water deer and a soay sheep she had killed.

Europehunt website does offer the chance to shoot all three for a 'trophy fee' of £1,250 for the sheep, £1,150 for the muntjac and £1,850 for the water deer.

Also on offer is the chance to shoot red or roe deer in Norfolk. The firm charges from £1,500 to take part in a deer cull, to up to £25,000 for a 'world record class' red stag. Prices increase according to the size of the deer's antlers.

The firm's website says: 'Our hunting grounds in England range from centuries old estates hunting by Royalty even today, to private English forests.'

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The location is not revealed. When we approached Eurohunts for comment, its founder Aaron Blukley said: 'I can assure you that we did not arrange a trip for a Larysa Switnyk. As far as any other details regarding our business, based on the biased nature of recent articles, no comment.'

Texas-based Europehunts's website says it works with Alex Hinkins. It adds: 'Alex is the man on the ground in England and coordinates as well as guides clients all over England, Spain, Hungary and Scotland. His team consists of multiple professional hunters whom give 1st class attention to every hunt.'

Bedfordshire-based Mr Hinkins, who also runs a business called Wings Hunting and Shooting, is pictured with Ms Switlyk in one of the trophy shots from her Norfolk trip. Mr Hinkins has been approached for a comment.

The pictures, posted on Facebook, prompted Britain's biggest shooting group to warn hunters not to post pictures glorifying in the death of the quarry on social media.

The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) said it was 'utterly at odds' with the values and standards of the UK shooting community.

As well as trophy fees, Europehunts website says hunters are charged a £350 day fee and gun hire of £50 a day.

The firm also offers to arrange airport transfers from Norwich (£75), vehicle hire and accommodation.

Chris Luffingham, director of campaigns for animal welfare group the League Against Cruel Sports, said: 'Gunning down a captive animal for entertainment before posing with its bloodied corpse for a 'trophy' photo is nothing short of barbaric and cowardly. The vast majority of the British public will be horrified to learn that people are killing animals for kicks in the heart of the beautiful Norfolk countryside.'

Prices on their heads Europehunts lists the following trophy fees on its website:

•Muntjac £1,150

•Chinese water deer £1,850

•Soay ram £1,250

•Red deer cull bucks Norfolk – £1,500

•Fallow £3,250

•Japanese or formosan sika £2,400

•Pere David deer gold medal £8,500

•Barasingha deer £6,000

•Black buck £3,000

•Axis deer £3,000

•Hebridean sheep £1,250

•Four horned Jacobs ram £1,650

•Manchurian sika £3,500