Tributes paid to Stephen Lamprell who died in Tesco lorry collision near Downham Market

The stretch of the A1122, between Bexwell and Crimplesham, where the crash happened. Picture: Chris

The stretch of the A1122, between Bexwell and Crimplesham, where the crash happened. Picture: Chris Bishop - Credit: Archant

Neighbours expressed their shock after hearing a well known community figure had died on a route he knew like the back of his hand.

Stephen Lamprell, 63, of Market Lane, Crimplesham, used to go out for long walks and was easily recognisable by his white walking stick.

On Monday morning, shortly before 1am, Mr Lamprell is believed to have been on his way home when he was involved in a collision with a Tesco lorry on the A1122 between Bexwell and Crimplesham.

MORE: Tesco launches investigation after man dies in collision involving one of its lorries on the A1122 near Downham MarketHis neighbours, Ray, 50, and Tina Manning, 45, have known Mr Lamprell for five years since they moved next door to him.

They said Mr Lamprell's wife died 20 years ago and he had no children, but despite living a solitary life he loved talking to people.

Mr Manning said he may have gone out that night with friends and it was unusual for him not to get a taxi home, especially has he had no vision in one eye and was partly blind in the other.

Mr Manning added: 'He was going out in King's Lynn on Saturday night, the last thing I said to him was: 'I heard there was a John Travolta up Bar Red,' I used to banter with him.

'He was more of a friend than a neighbour, we were shocked when we found out what happened. He was a lovely old boy, you couldn't hate him.

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'He loved walking, he would think nothing of walking to King's Lynn and back, he even had a treadmill to walk on during winter when it's too cold or slippery to walk outside.'

Other than taking long strolls to neighbouring villages, Mr Lamprell took pride in his garden and would love to spend time outdoors listening to music. Mrs Manning added: 'He would be sat out the front with his headset on listening to UB40.

'He'd take his TV outside in the summer, he loved being outdoors. We will never get a neighbour like that again, he'll be missed very much.'

Chairman of Crimplesham Parish Council James Lane, said he will suggest lowering the speed limit to 40mph on the A1122 to the county council.

He said: 'We are always concerned about the vehicles travelling at very high speeds.

'I'm awfully sorry to hear about what happened, I just can't understand why he was out so late, we'd often see him go by here quite early in the morning.'

An inquest will he held into Mr Lamprell's death.