Tribute to Norfolk crash victim who saved four lives after death

The parents of Claire McKeown have urged others to sign up and become organ donors.

Their daughter has already saved four lives since her death.

The Liverpool businesswoman, who was the city's star at the World Expo in Shanghai, had carried an organ donation card since 17.

'It was never a question within our family,' said her mother Sally Walker, a former nurse at Alder Hey Children's Hospital in Liverpool. 'We had discussed it since the girls were young. If you can save a life than why not?'

Mrs McKeown's father, Martin, said a six year-old boy had been saved by one of Claire's kidneys.

Two patients, one who was a week away from death, was saved with her liver and a 55-year-old man was given part of her small intestine. Days later he was walking round the hospital ward.

At court yesterday 15 family and friends of Mrs McKeown, who worked for Liverpool creative agency River Motion, travelled from across the country to see the woman who killed their loved one sentenced.

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After the hearing they said: 'Claire was a gifted and talented young woman, a caring, lovely person with a bright future. She was truly a rising star in her field.

'We are pleased the sentence of eight years imprisonment was imposed, although this will not bring her back.

'We hope this will deter others who may drink and drive and prevent other families suffering as we have.

'We also ask that others consider becoming organ donors as Claire was.

'We take some comfort that other lives have benefited as a result of this.'

Liverpool City Council have launched an annual Claire McKeown Award to recognise the talents of a young person from the city's digital and creative sector.

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