Long-suffering A11 drivers to benefit as 50-year-old road replaced

The A11 trunk road is maintained by Highways England.

Work is being planned to renew the road surface on the A11 between Spooner Row and Wymondham. - Credit: Denise Bradley

Work to replace the road surface along the next section of the A11 will begin later this year - and is scheduled to last more than six months.

A project is currently being completed to improve the road between Attleborough and Thetford, which began last month and is expected to run until late June.

Highways England said it was "doing extensive resurfacing work on this stretch of road so that motorists and the community can enjoy a better road surface".

And the section of road between Spooner Row and Wymondham is next in line to get an upgrade, with the road surface there in desperate need of replacement.

According to the agency which manages the road, work in this area is set to begin in September and run through to March 2022.

The cost of the project has not yet been disclosed.

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Highways England said: "Around half of the old-style concrete roads will either have repairs or will be replaced during next five years.

"We’ll be using innovative techniques and new technology to provide a modern road that will last for decades to come, and which is easier and quicker for us to repair in future."

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The concrete road surface will be replaced in both directions, while the planned work also includes new drains being installed, replacing safety barriers, repainting road markings and installing new cat's eyes.

Highways England said the work will "extend the life of the road by up to 40 years and will be easier and quicker for us to repair in future".

It added: "The surface of concrete roads that were designed between the 1950s and 1970s have an average life span of 50 years.

"Their surfaces are now reaching the stage where they will need to be repaired or replaced for safety reasons, and to help them be less noisy and better to drive on."

The news comes after plans were formally lodged for a major revamp of the Thickthorn Interchange, just a few miles further north.

If approved, the junction where the A11 and A47 meet would undergo major changes including two new bridges, an underpass and a slip road, all of which are designed to eliminate the need for some people to use the roundabout when moving from one road to the other.

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