'An accident waiting to happen' - Speed limit campaign approved

Wroxham Parish Council chairman Barry Fiske and Norfolk councillor Fran Whymark next to the 30mph sign on Salhouse Road

Wroxham Parish Council chairman Barry Fiske and Norfolk county councillor Fran Whymark next to the 30mph sign on Salhouse Road - Credit: Submitted

Campaigners are finally celebrating success after a two-year effort to get a speed limit sign moved was given the green light.

Wroxham Parish Council launched the campaign to move the 30mph signs on Salhouse Road at the southern entrance to the village.

In 2018, the county council introduced a safety scheme on Salhouse Road that saw the installation of 50mph speed limit signs, alongside other measures such as improved road markings. 

The stretch of Salhouse Road heading into Wroxham and the Wherry Gardens development

The stretch of Salhouse Road heading into Wroxham and the Wherry Gardens development - Credit: Submitted

But the parish council raised concerns due to the signs being located long before the Wherry Gardens development of 100 homes which adjoins Salhouse Road. 

With the housing extending further south than the speed signs, it was claimed motorists had little time to slow down before the entrance to Wherry Gardens. 

Barry Fiske, parish council chairman, said: "This was an intolerable situation. No sooner do motorists see the 30 mph sign than they are on top of the entrance to Wherry Gardens.

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"The signs were sited before the homes were built so you see houses before you see the 30 mph signs. Up to 7,000 vehicles a day use the road.”

Data from the parish council's speed measuring unit showed more than half of drivers were speeding as they arrived in the village. 

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The parish council campaign was taken up by Wroxham county councillor Fran Whymark. Mr Fiske said the parish council had been met with "a wall of bureaucratic box ticking" stating the idea did not fulfil the criteria until Mr Whymark's intervention. 

Mr Whymark said: "In my mind this was an accident waiting to happen. I’m delighted to report that we have be listened to and the sign will be moved." 

A county council spokesman said: "Unfortunately, there was an administrative error regarding the traffic regulation order which has led to us revisiting the required consultation.

“Local stakeholders have asked that 30mph signage is moved further along Salhouse Road which we are happy to review, and will be in contact them shortly to confirm this.”

On the amount of time it has taken, he added: "This location of 30mph signage was raised during the 2018 consultation and it was advised that the road did not meet all the criteria we use to introduce 30mph limits.

"Local support on this issue has strengthened since that time which we have taken that into account when reviewing this decision.”

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