Volvo’s S60 smoothy doesn’t make a fuss

Volvo's S60 saloon is undemanding and easy to live with, says Iain Dooley, PA senior motoring writer.

Engine – There's no shortage of petrol engines to choose from with Volvo's S60, with the company's trademark five-cylinder petrol motor offering a good blend of performance and refinement. Diesel options are competent and, crucially, economical.

Exterior – A familiar sight on the roads, Volvo's mid-size saloon offers buyers plenty of cabin space and a sleek, attractive profile. Unlike some German brands' products, the S60's appearance isn't an aggressive one and is likely to be a help and not a hindrance on the road.

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Interior – A plush interior awaits potential S60 owners. Volvo likes to do things a little differently, which is why the car's interior isn't the usual sea of black plastic and oppressive ambience. The ergonomics are first rate and there's no shortage of room for occupants.

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Driving – The S60 isn't a car for keen drivers and Volvo is comfortable with that assessment. What is clear is that the car offers a plush and comfortable ambience for drivers seeking a relaxed ownership. The engine line-up offers torquey motors that make acceleration and cruising near painless – great for urban use and motorway journeys.

Ownership – An undemanding car to own, the S60 will slip seamlessly into your life. With its easy-on-the-eye styling, it's a car that's hard not to like. With modest dimensions and good visibility it's also an easy car to drive and park.

What to look for – With a number of cars picked by business drivers, be on the lookout for high-mileage examples that lack the all-important comprehensive service history. It doesn't have to be from a main dealer but there should be plenty of bills. Also, check the car's interior for excessive wear and tear which can prove expensive to rectify. And don't forget the importance of the test-drive to highlight less obvious problems.

Model history – 2000, Volvo launches new S60 mid-size saloon range. Smooth styling along with impressive cabin comfort and ergonomics set it apart from the competition. Comprehensive array of options available, along with a good choice of engines and transmissions.

Reasons to buy – Good value, looks, cabin comfort, characterful petrol engines.

Reasons to beware – Not for keen drivers, diesel refinement could be better.

Pick of the range – S60 2.0T SE Sport.

What to pay – 2006 06 �6,295; 2006 56 �6,640; 2007 07 �7,075; 2007 57 �7,460; 2008 08 �8,405. Figures relate to showroom prices for cars in A1 condition.

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