Video: Idiot driver filmed speeding at 120mph on A11 near Thetford

The video shows the driver smashing through the 100mph barrier.

The video shows the driver smashing through the 100mph barrier. - Credit: Archant

A Youtube video showing a reckless driver speeding at 120mph on the A11 in Norfolk has been condemned by police and anti-speeding campaigners.

The clip shows the driver smashing through the 100mph barrier while his friends plead for him to 'calm down' and joke that 'it's a good time to die'.

He also negotiates several roundabouts during the three-minute video, saying it is 'like playing Gran Turismo' and complaining that he is struggling to focus due to a dirty windscreen.

The footage appears to have been taken on the A11 bypass near Thetford at around 4am, having been posted on May 29 last year.

Campaigners have since blasted the video makers, saying the speeding is the actions of 'mindless morons'.

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Stephen Green, from the Stop Dangerous Drivers campaign, lost his stepson, 22-year-old Jamie Butcher, after he was hit by a speeding driver.

He said that what he would like to describe the drivers as 'would not be printable'.

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'They are mindless morons, to be frank about it. If they are driving like that and showing it like it's some sort of achievement then that's disgusting. It just shows how thoughtless some people can be.'

Mr Green said he would like to see heavy punishments for extreme offenders.

'They are bringing stronger fines in but in these sorts of cases I don't think a fine is enough.

'They should be made to sit down with a family such as ours to see the devastation that their actions can cause.'

The video has since been sent to Norfolk Police. A spokesman said the force could not commit resources to finding the driver responsible but did condemn his actions.

'Driving at such speeds is extremely irresponsible, selfish and dangerous. Motorists are putting themselves in serious danger, as well as their passengers and other road users.

'The penalties are hefty – such reckless driving can ruin lives forever and if you're convicted you'll have a criminal record, you can go to prison, you can be banned from driving, you could be fined heavily, you could lose your job and your insurance costs will increase.'

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