Safety campaign for notorious Thorpe St Andrew road takes a big ‘step forward’

Deputy town mayor, Ian Mackie, right, with town and district councillors and campaigners at the poin

Deputy town mayor, Ian Mackie, right, with town and district councillors and campaigners at the point on the Plumstead Road East for the new pedestrian crossing. From left, Nigel Hancock, Eleanor Laming, Jonathan Emsell, Nigel Shaw, and Steven Ford. Picture: Denise Bradley - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2013

Safer crossing for pedestrians has moved a step forward for a notorious stretch of Thorpe St Andrew road.

Local councillors have been working with the Plumstead Road East Pedestrian Safety (PREPS) campaign group to improve safety for people crossing near the Armstrong Road junction.

At the latest meeting of Thorpe St Andrew Town Council on Monday night the proposals for a new crossing, and funding of around £5,000, were endorsed.

A report to assess the most appropriate crossing found a zebra crossing or a road widening with pedestrian refuge and speed reduction measures were the best options.

Both options would cost in the region of £20,000 but, due to concerns about the location, speed of traffic and frequency of use for a zebra crossing, a pedestrian refuge was decided upon.

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The town council will now submit a bid to Norfolk County Council's Parish Partnerships Scheme.

County councillor for Thorpe and deputy town mayor, Ian Mackie, said: 'A pedestrian refuge appears to be the sensible option within a limited budget, allowing pedestrians to navigate this busy road with more confidence and safety.

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'Being able to submit a funding bid to the Parish Partnership Scheme is an important step forward. I hope we are successful in that bid so we can deliver this safety improvement in 2013.

'I am also keen to have a new path and cycleway from the top of Dussindale Drive to the top of South Hill on to the county council traffic management programme to support those cycling or walking to the high school from Thorpe End.'

Local mother Rachael Breed, who is involved with the PREPS campaign, added: 'It is vital this is funded and implemented quickly to ensure the safety of children crossing the road to school on a daily basis.

'The pedestrian refuge, pavement and speed safety measures are an important step forward in this process.

Ensuring a 12-hour survey of the safety situation is also vital. We continue to believe a crossing with lights is ultimately required.'

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