Plans to tackle problem parking in Cromer town centre

West Street, Cromer.PHOTO: ANTONY KELLY

West Street, Cromer.PHOTO: ANTONY KELLY - Credit: Archant

A drive to target problem parkers in Cromer's shopper-friendly streets will be revealed tonight.

The proposals, which aim to make parking in the pedestrianised areas of the town enforceable, will be shown at a Cromer Town Council committee meeting in North Lodge Park at 7pm.

But business owners have raised concerns that the changes could impact on the loading and unloading of goods.

Town and county councillor Hilary Cox said the proposals for the area including West Street, New Street, Jetty Cliff and High Street, were suggested after several years of complaints about cars parked in the pedestrian zone.

She said: 'Cars are not supposed to go through there but they do. People who live there can drop their shopping off but there are particular roads which are used as a through route.'

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She added there were signs which indicated the area was pedestrianised, but if one person saw another parking in that zone they tended to copy, which had a knock-on effect for people on foot.

A town council planning, transportation and environment committee was told last month it was not possible to take action against people parking in pedestrian areas because of the lack of an official order.

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Committee members, who will be shown the plans tonight, were shown two draft ideas from county hall, and agreed that a compromise should be looked at. It would prevent parking, but allow the unloading of business goods.

Steve Harris, manager of Hotel de Paris on High Street, said the coaches which dropped off and picked up their guests were occasionally damaged because of cars parked in wrong areas.

'If people are driving down here they should have a legitimate reason to do so,' he said.

Mr Harris was concerned about the potential impact on deliveries, as was Mark Jackson, landlord of the King's Head on High Street, Edwin Williams, of Mr Schnorby's Pet Shop on the High Street and John Lee, owner of a crab stall on New Street.

Mr Lee said parking had been a problem in the pedestrian area since Cromer's restoration project in 2002.

'You get several irate Cromer drivers and delivery drivers. Those who are entitled to deliver should drive in the area. It is the abuse of a handful of people that has caused a problem. Cars and people do not mix. If signs say it is a pedestrian area, people think it is safe to wander in the middle of the road,' he said.

Mr Lee thought painting yellow lines would be a good deterrent but added since the beginning of this year more enforcement notices had been issued than in previous years.

West Norfolk Council collects the fines which can cost either £70 or £50. The current signs say cars and motorbikes cannot drive through the pedestrian area except for access to off street premises and loading and no parking is allowed at any time.

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