Mitsubishi Shogun a timeless off-road warrior

Mitsubish's durable and reliable Shogun is great off-road and good on road.

Mitsubish's durable and reliable Shogun is great off-road and good on road. - Credit: Mitsubishi

The Mitsubishi Shogun's off-road ability and durability are legendary and this big, spacious off-roader can take the rough with the smooth.

Used Car: Mitsubishi Shogun (2007 onwards)

Engines – Unless you're made of money, there is only one option – diesel. Conveniently, the earlier petrol alternative was dropped, as you would have needed really deep pockets. The diesel choice is, relatively speaking, frugal. It's also a smoother and more refined one compared to previous Shogun variants especially when used off-road or for towing stuff.

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Exterior – The 2007 model year cars were blessed with a more polished appearance than before, which should help boost kerb appeal. That said, always check for damage as many people see the Shogun essentially as a working vehicle. That aside, the car retains its trademark chunky appearance and boasts sufficient ground clearance for any off-road excursions.

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Interior – The Shogun is no Land Rover Discovery, so don't expect to be greeted by high-value plastics and acres of wood. On the upside, the Shogun's cabin is durable if a little dark, which is good for hiding scuff marks and minor cabin scrapes. Leather upholstery is better if you don't plan on off-roading, but is more prone to damage if you plan on making full use of this Mitsubishi. Along with the various trim options there's also plenty of space in the cabin, making it ideal as a family holdall.

Driving – For a car no longer in its first flush of youth, the Shogun is a surprisingly good steer. Granted, newer models from key rivals handle better and are more refined. However, the Shogun is no slouch and, when driven sensibly, is well behaved on the road. Off road is where it really excels – especially in extra nimble three-door form. And it does it all without the need for fancy electronic stability gadgets.

Ownership – You'll pay a premium for a well-preserved example, but it will be worth it – Shoguns grow old but rarely die. The car's durability is legendary, and that's why the design has remained largely unchanged for years. Why change something that works? This all translates into a reliable, durable workhorse that returns sensible mileage in diesel form, will tow most things without complaint and is surprisingly easy to manoeuvre around town.

What to look for – Being a full-on off-roader means that the Shogun will be vulnerable to all manner of battle scars. A detailed inspection is advised for maximum peace of mind, including underbody areas and a health check of the car's complex transmission. The same is true in the cabin, as a hard life could have resulted in damage to upholstery and trim materials.

Model history – 2007, Mitsubishi updates its long-serving and popular full-size 4x4, the Shogun. New engines and cabin plus updates to safety systems and exterior appearance result in a thorough revamp for Mitsubishi's flagship vehicle, offered in both three and five-door form. Overall kit levels are high, space in the cabin is generous and the car's on and off-road performance is still impressive thanks in part to improved diesel powertrain options.

Reasons to buy – Durable, reliable, great off-road, well equipped, good on road.

Reasons to beware – Five-door model is big and not the most fashionable choice.

Pick of the range – Shogun 3.2 Di-DC Warrior five-door automatic.

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