Lapland trip cancelled due to icy conditions at Norwich International Airport

Families had their trip to Lapland cancelled because of icy conditions on the runway at Norwich International Airport.

About 225 people had been due to go on a day trip to Lapland to see Santa today, travelling on a 7.30am flight from Norwich to Enontekio in Finland, but the trip was called off because of the cold weather conditions.

Among the passengers were nine deaf children and their families who the Norfolk Deaf Children's Society had arranged to take on the trip.

Norwich International Airport chief executive Andrew Bell said: 'The tour operator Transun had arranged for the aircraft to fly in from Manchester in the morning to pick everybody up but because the temperatures fell right down in the early hours the airport had to go through a de-icing process that was started in the early hours.'

Mr Bell said the airport normally opens at 6am for the first flight but said that yesterday the airport was unable to open until 9.50am.

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'It was classic weather problems and it was really unfortunate that it happened on the day the trip to Lapland was planned.'

He said it was the operator's decision to cancel the trip.

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'It is a real shame, but we cannot and will not take any risks with people's safety. Safety has got to be our first concern,' he said.

One flight travelling to Amsterdam and one flight travelling from Amsterdam was also cancelled this morning because of the weather conditions.

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