Ford Mondeo cuts a dash with loads of appeal

The Ford Mondeo is sharp-looking without compromising practicality.

The Ford Mondeo is sharp-looking without compromising practicality. - Credit: Ford

Familiarity certainly doesn't breed contempt with the Ford Mondeo – it's popular, practical and provides sensible transport for so many people.

Used Car: Ford Mondeo (2007 onwards)

Engines – Recent years have seen Ford completely revamp its engine range, with the result that the popular Mondeo offers a wide and competent choice of petrol and diesel motors. For high-mileage drivers it's hard to beat Ford's TDCi diesels, thanks to high levels of refinement and economy.

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Exterior – Over time the Mondeo has steadily evolved into a sharp-looking machine, and this iteration boasts clean lines, a modest amount of chrome detailing and, in hatchback form, a streamlined profile without compromising practicality.

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Interior – High-quality materials are everywhere in the Mondeo's cabin – this is not the stereotypical repmobile of old. There's also plenty of room for occupants fore and aft, while under the hatchback tailgate the car's flat load area offers plenty of possibilities and easily matches that of more expensive machinery at a fraction of the price.

Driving – Even since its original launch, the Mondeo has rightfully earned a reputation for being an enjoyable car to drive. That said, Ford's focus on entertaining the driver has helped elevate it above the competition. Factor in a supple ride and a range of competent engines and it's hard to find fault.

Ownership – With what seems like a Ford dealer on every street corner, seeking help is never likely to be a problem. The same is true of well-versed independent garages if you fancy saving a few quid. The Mondeo is also an easy car to live with – it's quite a big car these days but it never feels that way on the road.

What to look for – A Mondeo can be viewed two different ways. On the one hand it's a hard-working company car, and on the other the treasured private purchase from new. As long as the former has been regularly serviced, treated well and there's the service history to prove it you shouldn't have any problems. The beauty of the latter is that you can often talk to the owner, although the same checks should be made to ensure peace of mind.

Model history – 2007, latest-generation Mondeo gained a mild facelift and benefited from a detailed overhaul inside and out. High levels of standard kit and a wide choice of petrol and diesel engines are the norm here.

Reasons to buy – Practical, affordable, engine range, plenty of choice.

Reasons to beware – Poorly-maintained high-mileage cars, low-powered models might struggle if car is regularly fully loaded.

Pick of the range – Mondeo 1.8 TDCi Zetec.

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