Drivers told Norwich bus gate sign is legal, despite motorist’s court victory

The sign at the bus gate. Photo: Bill Smith

The sign at the bus gate. Photo: Bill Smith - Credit: Bill Smith - Archant

Council bosses have insisted a sign at a Norwich bus gate is legal - despite its similarity to one which was at the centre of a successful legal challenge by a driver.

Motor trader Eddie Mustoe was last month cleared by magistrates of failing to comply with a lawfully placed road sign in Bristol.

The sign was a grey rectangle with the standard circular red and white no entry sign above the words 'Except buses, coaches, taxis and cyclists' in black and white.

Mr Mustoe, 54, did his own research and claimed the sign was ambiguous, while Bristol City Council said the sign was legal. Magistrates found that the sign did not conform with regulations set out in the official traffic signs manual.

Given the sign's similarity to the one which warns drivers not to enter the bus lane in Brazen Gate/Grove Road, off Queens Road in Norwich, a reader contacted us to question whether that sign was unlawful - and whether motorists fined for driving through there should not have been. Norfolk police have previously carried out crackdowns at the bus gate.

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The sign there is also a grey rectangle with a red and white no entry sign, but the wording underneath says 'except buses'.

Other nearby signs show a picture of bicycles, coaches and the word taxi, stating they are allowed access.

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But a spokesman for Norwich City Council insisted the authority was in the right over their signage.

He said: 'Highways signage is regulated by the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions (TSRGD) manual which has very specific instructions about what can and can't appear on particular signage in order that it is legal – and enforceable when required.

'In the case of the 'no-entry' sign in question it can only be displayed with certain text beneath detailing the permitted exemptions which includes the likes of trams, buses and cycles.

'It cannot include coaches and taxis as they're not permitted variants as detailed by the TSRGD.'

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