Drivers ignoring MOT test checks

Most people think their car will pass the MOT without any work.

Most people think their car will pass the MOT without any work. - Credit: PA

An incredible 86% of drivers think their car will pass its MOT test first time and without the need for any remedial or service work.

A further 62% of British drivers fail to put any money aside to help with the cost of an MOT and any repairs that result from the legally required annual test.

The research by Asda Money found that only 7% of drivers think their car will fail its MOT. This is despite figures from the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) which show 40% of cars fail the MOT initially. Younger drivers are more likely to MOT as 27% of 20 to 29-year-olds drive a car that is nine years old or more.

Another cause of MOT failures and unexpected bills is drivers not taking care of their cars and avoiding servicing, fearing large bills. The study found that men were more likely to put money aside for servicing than women, but women are prepared to cut back on luxury purchases, such as clothes and beauty products, to pay for their car's servicing.

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